Development & Maintenance

Whether it’s about building a brand new application from scratch or it’s about revamping a heterogenous business-critical legacy application, CodeBoard does it all with a panache. Having Software Development and maintenance as our foundation, We strive to provide software applications which have a perfect blend of innovation and reliability. Software customisation in order to suit specific customer requisites is our firm facet. Customer interaction and feedback at every stage of development enables us to deliver applications exactly as envisioned by our customers. Migration of legacy applications is a seamless experience for the end-users with a manifold increase in speed and efficiency. Our application development covers a plethora of services encompassing analysis, architectural design, evaluation, development, diversified manners of testing, integration and much more. Our development life cycle consists of short bursts of progressions with software deliverance taking place every week with a working patch of code being tested and released. This approach provides a glaring advantage in terms of bridging the gap between customer expectations and the actual application being developed. Identification of problems earlier in the lifecycle aides us in reducing the cost of prodigious rework in the later phases.